Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Boys and the Loss of an Industry

April 2020 was going to be a glorious month, but that was destroyed with the announcement of Machine Quilters Expo being cancelled along with many other quilt shows across the country. I had 5 quilts entered in this wonderful show and was planning to attend it in Manchester, New Hampshire. The pandemic shut everything down, cancelled flights, cancelled hotels, cancelled classes. Refunds were given by the airline and hotel, but the event didn't give a refund at that time. Prepaid attendees were told their money spent would be rolled over to the next event April 2021. 

The MQX April event was cancelled late fall of 2020 with the news that there might be a refund of attendees prepaid fees. Many of us were not pleased with the announcement that our prepaid fees might or might not be refunded and that it depended upon the event owners expenses. In December it was announced that refund checks would be sent and we would only get a percentage of our money back. 

The event kept all fees for entering the quilts in the show. I entered 5 quilts and lost $125. The event kept all fees for the core class enrollment of $45. The event kept 50% of all class fees prepaid. I received a refund check for $190. I prepaid $575. 

This has left a very sour feeling regarding a show that I loved. It wasn't the show owners fault the show was cancelled twice. It wasn't the prepaid attendees fault the show was cancelled. It shouldn't have fallen on the shoulders of the prepaid attendees to cover the loss. It was also made known that the prepaid vendors lost all of their fees. Those spaces are incredibly high priced. I've heard those spaces can run $5000. The convention center made it known that because of the cancellation the event wasn't charged the event fee and that it was refunded. Events have to have insurance. 

Every other large and small quilt show event has been cancelled in 2020 and some in 2021. Like many quilters, I'm fearful that this will set back our industry years before it can recover. 

One of my show quilts entered in MQX is "The Boys". It is a wall quilt made from a photo I had taken of Angus and Duncan, our golden retrievers. It was made using a raw edge fusible technique and free motion quilted. I'm very pleased with how it truly represents the boy's expressions. Even though it hasn't made it to a show, I feel it's a winner.


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Learning new things and new tricks


This past week I learned a new to me technique. I was inspired by a fiber artist that I follow on social media named Susan Lenz. She makes amazing things and displays in museums. 

I worked with yarns that were dense. Twisted multiple pieces together and sewed them with a wide and long zig zag on my machine to make long roping of the yarns that could then be sewn together with the same zig zag to make bowls, vessels and a tote. 

I'm very pleased with the results and plan to have these at the local gallery that I sell at during the summer months. 

It's creatively invigorating to try new things and stretch your skills. 

Please look for more of my blog posts in the near future. I also encourage you to look at my past blog posts to see other creative things that I've made in the past.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Time to get back in the Blog Saddle.

 I've been away from posting on the blog for several years. In that time we added several pets. Our pet family is now at 6 with Angus and Duncan the goldens and Miss Shelby a Bernese Mountain Dog, Willow and Abby the Siamese and a sassy tortie named Pepper. Our little home is full and we are happy. 

In the past several years much had happened with my mothers health leading to her death February 1st 2020. My time was dominated with traveling to hospitals, assisted living, nursing home and finally her passing just before the pandemic. 

Secondary was trying to stay afloat with my customer work, making things for the gallery I'm involved with in my little town. Gallery & Gifts in Hayward, WI has been a great outlet for my fiber art and pushing me to try new things.

My next post will be about the fun art things that I've been making the past couple of years.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Another Pup and a Little Quilt Experimenting

 This summer we added another furry buddy to our family. The new guy is Duncan and the big guy is Angus. They are fast friends and related from the same breeding program out of White Fence Farm Goldens in Hastings MN. The little guy is actually Angus's uncle.
They are water dogs and mud dogs. Fortunately the mud falls off if given a chance to dry before coming inside. Angus has gone to work with my guy this summer and been such a good boy. He loves my guy.

Duncan has been a mascot at the Gallery & Gifts this summer by going to work with me since he's too little to be hanging out all day at home in a kennel. He's met many people and had a chance to go to the dog park and met some dog friends.

 This summer has given me precious little time to complete everything I need to such as the garden and quilting.
 I did manage to create these runners that sold so fast I barely got to enjoy them.
 I'm super thrilled with how they came together and I look forward to creating more this winter.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dogs and Puppies

 This past November we added to our furry household. Please welcome Angus. Our Angus is now a well adjusted 10 month old and July 18th we are adding a second golden puppy to our family. His name will probably be Duncan. The new pup will also be a light colored golden and from a breeder in MN that Angus' mother came from. He's a sweet boy and we worked him to make sure he was that way.

At the same time we added Angus we also added Charlie a black and white female cat that had been abandoned and found our greenhouse last summer and hung out there until we decided she needed to come inside with us.
Charlie and Angus are best buds and I hope Duncan will be a good little brother to both.

Saying this I've tried very hard to keep up with my longarm quilting, customer work, and things for the Gallery & Gifts for me to sell. It's been tough and a bit exhausting with all of the walking and potty breaks for a puppy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Season Opening of Gallery & Gifts on 2nd

Friday May 26th 2017 is the opening of Gallery & Gifts on 2nd in Hayward WI. This is a sneak peek of my corner of the gallery and I'm so happy to have been asked to join in on this venture. I hope that if you are in our area, you will take the time to see all of the wonderful original art for sale in the shop. There are paintings, cards, framed art, pottery, jewelry, bags, pillows, and so many small items to see. Crafts, gifts, art, and just fun stuff.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pyxis Nautica Completed

The silk vintage compass is totally finished. I've named it Pyxis Nautica which means "the nautical box". It has little blue crystals in the flower heads along the curved inner sashing. It's quilted using minimal marking for the curved mirrored spins in the cream background, chalking for the piano key outer border, and ruler work. Nothing complicated, just stretch to fill for the feathering. A little trick I use after quilting the first row is I take a photo that I can look at when I get to the last row, so I quilt them the same. It's been blocked and now rolled on a long fabric covered tube until it will be shown at a show.