Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back to my Quilting Routines

After taking this past weekend to move all of my son and Daughter-in-laws possesions to Portage WI this past weekend, I am left with 13 bruises of various sizes that are healing finally. One was a monster the shape of a concrete block, which I had fallen on last Thursday while coming down steep stairs and carrying a box full of heavy breakables. The daughter-in-law had it well packed cause nothing broke when I threw it away from me as I fell.

Now I am back to my routine of sewing each day. Monday, and Tuesday were recovery days because of my many aches and pains. Today I finally feel almost normal. In that time I've managed to finish 3 smallish customer quilts, and I'm on to a rush job today which will be in a quilt show in a couple of weeks.

Lucky me, the Road to California quilt show extended their deadline for the show in January. It's now moved to the 15th of October and now I have a chance to finish "Party to the Stars". Tonight I'll be beading the edge. I need to get back to the excitement of finishing a quilt for showing. I love that sweet feeling when it is finally finished after all the frustration of trying to be perfect.

I also taught a machine quilting class this past Wednesday at my home for 5 students. I have 13 on a waiting list, so I need to schedule another class for October. I'm tossing around ideas for more classes, such as Shiva sticks, fabric painting, another fiber layering class, discharge, quilt beading, stamping, etc. Would you the reader like to toss some ideas my way as to what you would like to do in a class?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Quilting Hooky-Gone Fishing

We took a trip to Canada for a musky fishing trip this fall. The first pic is Mike's musky from his first trip, and the next two are from the second trip that I got to go along with. Mike's second pic is a 45" musky and mine is a 34". Mine was not very big, but great fun catching. I did get to help netting his fish and helped net a 43" northern for one of the other guys that we went with. I also got a chance to see HUGE musky chasing my bait. I mean HUGE! Could have been at least 50" or more. I felt grateful to have been invited this year.