Friday, May 29, 2015

Library Project Phase 2

The top panel will be hung on the left and the bottom on the right for a 10 foot hanging

Leslie sewing the strips and Jean marking the fusible for the trillium's.

Deb pressed everything perfectly.

I drew petals for the trillium's for Jean to mark on fusible and cut out of batiks,

Leslie manning the machine.

Bed creating the trillium clusters on parchment paper. She loves parchment paper now.

The panels are growing quickly.

It came together as I planned

We are happy to say that the Weiss Library permanent exhibit project is ready for the last stages of quilting. Leslie, Jean, Deb and I worked for another 3 1/2 hours to finish the two panels. These are birch trees and trillium's at night and there will be some dragonflies on the upper right hand corner that I plan to make with bobbin work. This is a beautiful collaboration and we are hoping for a dedication ceremony at the library after our quilt show in July. 

Now my next job is to quilt these before the show and have it on display for the Hayward Piecemakers Quilt Show the last weekend in July. I've also made a smaller version that needs to be finished for the quilt show auction. 

The two panels will total 120 inches and will be finished as 2 five foot quilts and approximately 28 inches tall. The trillium's will have a little bit of yellow embellishments for the stamens.

Yes there is no picture of me working. I cut the fabric and prepped for the group. They trusted me and followed my plan perfectly. We make a great team and we still had plenty of time to visit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hayward Piecemakers Library Exhibit Project

This morning I had three Piecemaker quilting friends over to work on a permanent exhibit for our local library. We chose a northwoods themed project of birch trees, trillium, and dragonflies. After three hours we had strip pieced scrappy fabric sections. Next meeting we will create the 2 tops to span the space we have to work with. The 2 panels will be each 5 feet long and about 28 inches tall. After the friends had left, I cut the birch tree strips for the next round of stitching. By doing this, I had scrap sections that I pieced into a mini of the project that will be quilted and donated for our annual quilt show auction. The mini is about 18 x 22.