Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Rejection

Wow. I got my first show rejection today, ever....from a quilt show. My first reaction was a deep intake of breath and then I thought, why not me for a show rejection. I'm grossly over due for one let a lone two at one time. I tend to make quilts that need to be entered in a category that is generally plum full of many entries. Too many entries to allow for everyone being able to compete. I've entered shows that allow 50 entries in an art quilt category because they have the space to show them, but what you may not realise is there may have been 200 or 400 people that tried to get in also. That makes for quite a few people for every show that get "the letter".

So the thoughts that go thru my mind are, is it too dark, too dull, too bright, too much contrast, too much junk on it, not enough junk on it, did they see something I missed? And I've gotta say, you can go nuts trying to figure this out. I say DON'T SWEAT IT! It could be anything or nothing. You can't get an answer for this so let it go and enter another show or ten shows. Not every show is the right show for a quilt. Some focus on art, traditional, unusual or ordinary. Some shows focus on the quilting and some more on construction.

Don't make a quilt for a particular show, make it for you. I love my art quilts and I make them for me. I make them very well, and consider them the best I can do each time I make one. I don't cut corners, and I don't use inferior materials. So my quilts are to my taste and not the norm. They also appraise extremely high for their size. So, do I care if I get accepted, of course I do, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

I have a friend that has had enough of those rejections and she has let it get her down too often. She got an acceptance to the same show, Road 2 California. I'm super proud and happy for her, and I look forward to seeing her quilt at the show and taking a picture for her with it hanging. Her quilt art has grown so much this past year and she has made many beautiful pieces that she should be proud of. Wish her lots of luck with me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making Chatelaines

Today I decided to play hooky and make some beaded chatelaines. I went to a retreat with a few friends about a week ago and my friend Lee was making some beautiful chatelaines. So today I pulled out my beads and made eight. They are made with beading wire specific for making necklaces and bracelets and is very sturdy. The gold loop was from a sale rack necklace that I deconstructed

for parts. The loop is spacious for hanging sewing tools from such as seam rippers, threaders, scissors, and reading glasses. I wanted one to hang my glasses from while longarming, so that is what inspired me to make these.

I decided to do a giveaway of one of the chatelaines. I'm going to giveaway the purple and white glass beaded one that is shown in the last picture on this blog.

To qualify for the drawing, you need to post a comment to my blog, and leave your email in the comment. The drawing will take place Sunday 11-21-2010 at around 5 pm. I live in WI so it is central time.

All of the chatelaines are made with either glass beads, shell, or stones.

This lovely chatelaine could be your's, so please post to my blog. You may even want to list my blog as a favorite.

Thanks for reading.

Zodiac Artist Trading Cards

I joined a Yahoo chat group a couple of weeks ago that focuses on fiber and quilting art. They trade atc's and postcards and encourage the participants to try different techniques to make them. It's not a super active group, but definitely an inspiring one. They opened up a zodiac atc trade and I jumped in to make 12 to trade. The pictures show the steps I took to make
mine and the final pieces. What you don't see is the lion stamped on the fabric for Leo the sign I chose, because the layering obscured the gold paint stamping. It shows through on parts of each card and looks more like a sun. Almost considering it a failure, I let it set for a couple of days so I could figure out a way to make a sign for Leo that would show. I tried stitching the Leo sign in glittery thread, and it still wasn't visible

enough. So I put an orange crystal in the center of the sign for an eye for the sign. Still not good enough. I then thought of puffy dimensional gold glitter paint. It worked perfectly because it comes with a fine spout, and dries to the look I was after. They are now in envelopes waiting to be mailed on Monday. Five will go out of the country to Singapore, Australia and Germany.

I'm anxious to see the 11 cards I'll be getting in the mail in the next month. I also thought that since I was finished so quickly, I would join the post card exchange that is also active. It's limited to 5 people at a time, so it's not such a daunting challenge.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Teaching Machine Quilting on a Monday

Today was a teaching day at Granma's Workshop. I had students for my beginning machine quilting class. Students brought their sewing machines and put the pedal to the metal today. This class is designed for the beginner that wants to start quilting their own projects. We went over the basic techniques that can be worked together to create medleys, borders, blocks, stencils, freezer paper, and different marking tools. It's a fun class, and students are excited to have that fear of trying it on their own taken away. Of course there is the practice...practice...practice afterwards on their own.