Friday, August 26, 2011

Running My New 3-D Threader

I just installed the 3-D threader that I got from Penny Roberts at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show 2 weeks ago. You'll notice that I'm running 2 threads, a soft green and a fussy gold metallic by YLI. It's running perfectly and I'm very satisfied with the appearance of the border work. The border is a black print and the thread is giving a subtle hint of gold glitz to match the gold touches in the center print fabric. I'm giving it a triple A+.

If you are interested in checking out the 3-D threader online go to Penny's site
If you buy one tell her you saw my blog about it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look At What You Can Make With Fiber Art!!!

Here are a tote and a purse that I'm working on that were made with some of my fiber layered art cloth. The larger tote was put together using a simple design, (made up as I go) with large grommets and a lovely coordinating lime green batik for the lining. It was made for a demo that I gave at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show.
The purse is made from a floral art quilt kit that I use for the classes that I teach. Again it was from a simple make it up as I go design with a zipper on the top. The handle is not attached yet and will be beaded with some chunkier beads. The bag needs to be beaded and crystalled.

This is a great way to use the layered fabric to create something more interesting than having another little wall hanging. I'm running out of wall space.
If you are going to be in Portland in October, think about signing up for one of my classes at the Machine Quilters Exposition. Hope to see you there.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Slice Applique Cutter

Here is a picture of the new Slice applique cutter that I bought while at the Milwaukee machine Quilting Show last week. It's a sweet little guy and it's amazing. It uses a small sd memory card that has a huge assortment of shapes and the alphabet that can be cut from 1 inch to 4 inches tall. You are easily able to pick your size from the simple menu button. There are more sd cards that can be purchased with more detailed designs some that the machine cuts components for the design collage in different steps. It's very easy to use and the price was way better than the limited uses of the Go cutters and the Accucut cutters. I'm thrilled and will be whipping up a cool little quilt with the batik pieces I cut out. Can't wait to share and show with my machine quilting group.
I bought this little gem from a friend, Patti Buhler who sells wonderful things at Quilted Arts Studio.
Patti also carries angellina, paint sticks, spray dyes, etc.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

MMQS Winding Down

The show is over and the truck is packed for heading home in the morning. Today I helped vend for the 3-D Threader booth, and helped with tear down in the Country Loft booth. I met great quilty friends that I see at the shows, and new friends that I look forward to seeing again at a future show.
I am going home with some super cool new gadgets. I have 4 new plexiglass templates for border leaves that I think will be in great customer demand. A new slice machine that is compact yet cuts fusable applique pieces. Some foil, and angellina, a fab border print sew-batik bali batik, and yes a 3-D Threader. I will be sure to post pics of the threader after I get home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quilter's Duel

Tonight at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show teachers at the show were doing a round robin type quilting for quilts of valor fund raising. Quilts were loaded on the longarm quilting machines and teachers had about 15 minutes to quilt a row and then moved on to another machine to do another row. It was fun and fast paced. Thursday the finished quilts will be auctioned off, sold, and going home with new owners. The quilts were very nicely pieced. I even quilted twice on the handiquilter sit down to work on a couple of pllow top quilt blocks. Fun day.
Went to dinner with a new friend, had drinks in our room with a more friends, Terese and her daughter from Country Loft Quilt and Design, our local Gammill Dealers.
I give a demo in the morning and teach in the evening. I'll be taking some pictures of some quilts for friends.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Class at MMQS Making A Fiber Layered Fabric

What a fun class we had today at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show. Met some fab ladies that took my class, and we had a great time sharing. I was able to do the trunk show so everyone was able to see and touch plus take pic's to inspire them later when they try the technique at home. Plus the class sample that I made was sliced in enough portions to go home with the students. Plus I had great door prizes, 2 cones of thread of Molly Poly from one sponsor, and a binding template tool from Anilee Creations another sponsor.
Tomorrow I participate in the Teachers Quilting Duel during the sneak peek. Thursday will be a demo at 10am on my fiber art leading into the floor of the show, and in the evening, a hands on class.

Monday, August 8, 2011

At the Show

We made it to the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show safely and now we are geared up for a fun week of teaching, admiring quilts, shopping, visiting with friends we see only at the shows or online.
I'm traveling with a couple of friends, Carol and Lee with another friend Shari arriving tomorrow. There is also one more friend that will be with us briefly to see the show and then leaves for home. Sounds like a hotel revolving door.
Today was a teacher briefing and the chance to see our class room locations. I set up a time to do a short demo of my art quilts on Thursday morning at 10 am, so if you are in the location of the beginning of the quilt show, come see me and get a taste of what I'm teaching Thursday night in my Florals and Fibers on the longarm class that starts at 5:30 pm.
I'm also planning more exciting classes for next year.

Friday, August 5, 2011

AQS Blog of the Week!

Imagine my surprise when I checked my fb and emails after dinner to find out my blog was chosen as "THE BLOG OF THE WEEK!" by AQS. Yep, I'm very pleased and I hope many people read my blog and decide to follow my future postings.
Today I feel like I have struck gold and I didn't even have to pay $1675 an ounce to get it. I stopped at an accounting business that is about 1 block from my home and I found many treasures for my work room. After having sold the "white elephant" in my work room a month ago, (the dreaded pool table) I have room to add stoorage things. At the sale I found stackable bins for my yarns, a plastic rolling cart for my beads, a work area divider for a design board, and my favorite leaves for my art quilts.
Today is also a day that I'm prepping 48 kits for the classes I'm teaching next week in Milwaukee. Kit creation is a time sucker, but it really helps to make the whole class experience so much more fun for the student because they don't have to stress out trying to find all the right things on the list. And it helps me make sure the finished art quilt project will be pretty with quality materials.
The other picture is the atcs I made during the demo from last weekend's local quilt show. I've finished beading them and have added them to my collection of atcs that I have in a binder with plastic sleeves.

Again, thanks AQS for the blog of the week pick. Now it's time to get back to the kits.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Machine Quilters Expo in Portland

I'm posting a couple of pictures that are a great example of my fiber layering art quilts.
You have an opportunity to attend a great new quilt show in Portland Oregon this year, The Machine Quilters Exposition.
I will be teaching 2 new classes that are hands on and one demo class that includes a great trunk show of my fiber art.
I'm excited to be able to teach at MQX and I promise we will have a great time in class. Join me in October in Portland.

Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show in August

Time is ticking quickly! The quilt show is next week and you still have time to sign up to take my art quilting classes.
The demo will be on creating my fiber layered fabric, and a trunk show of my fiber layered art quilts.
Please check out the classes on the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show site. It's a fabulous juried show.

You've seen my art, now you can make a beautiful piece of quilt art in Milwaukee.

ATC's I made at the Quilt Show

These are little artist trading cards that I demoed at the local quilt show this past weekend. I still need to embellish them. I used scrapbook papers, upholstery fabrics, ribbons, stamping on batik, netting, silk flowers, applied to a stiff pelon stabilizer.
Very fun. I had many demo guests that sat and made their own cards.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pictures of where my summer has gone.

Many things have happened this summer to make the day's rush by. Mother in laws tornado damage from 7-1-2011, garden, tree loss from a windstorm at our house, quilting for customers, getting ready for local quilt show this past weekend, company and grandkids, friends, and trying to get a sick kitty healthy.

Honey is better and slowly putting weight back on. She is perky and demanding again.

I hope your summer is full, and rewarding.