Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look At What You Can Make With Fiber Art!!!

Here are a tote and a purse that I'm working on that were made with some of my fiber layered art cloth. The larger tote was put together using a simple design, (made up as I go) with large grommets and a lovely coordinating lime green batik for the lining. It was made for a demo that I gave at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show.
The purse is made from a floral art quilt kit that I use for the classes that I teach. Again it was from a simple make it up as I go design with a zipper on the top. The handle is not attached yet and will be beaded with some chunkier beads. The bag needs to be beaded and crystalled.

This is a great way to use the layered fabric to create something more interesting than having another little wall hanging. I'm running out of wall space.
If you are going to be in Portland in October, think about signing up for one of my classes at the Machine Quilters Exposition. Hope to see you there.

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