Monday, August 15, 2011

New Slice Applique Cutter

Here is a picture of the new Slice applique cutter that I bought while at the Milwaukee machine Quilting Show last week. It's a sweet little guy and it's amazing. It uses a small sd memory card that has a huge assortment of shapes and the alphabet that can be cut from 1 inch to 4 inches tall. You are easily able to pick your size from the simple menu button. There are more sd cards that can be purchased with more detailed designs some that the machine cuts components for the design collage in different steps. It's very easy to use and the price was way better than the limited uses of the Go cutters and the Accucut cutters. I'm thrilled and will be whipping up a cool little quilt with the batik pieces I cut out. Can't wait to share and show with my machine quilting group.
I bought this little gem from a friend, Patti Buhler who sells wonderful things at Quilted Arts Studio.
Patti also carries angellina, paint sticks, spray dyes, etc.

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