Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quilter's Duel

Tonight at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show teachers at the show were doing a round robin type quilting for quilts of valor fund raising. Quilts were loaded on the longarm quilting machines and teachers had about 15 minutes to quilt a row and then moved on to another machine to do another row. It was fun and fast paced. Thursday the finished quilts will be auctioned off, sold, and going home with new owners. The quilts were very nicely pieced. I even quilted twice on the handiquilter sit down to work on a couple of pllow top quilt blocks. Fun day.
Went to dinner with a new friend, had drinks in our room with a more friends, Terese and her daughter from Country Loft Quilt and Design, our local Gammill Dealers.
I give a demo in the morning and teach in the evening. I'll be taking some pictures of some quilts for friends.

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