Monday, December 6, 2010

Journal Covers

Last week I had 3 friends over for a little fun time. We made layered fabric for journal covers. They were made using batiks, snippets, and solvy.

Here are instructions for the journal covers.

1. 5 x 6 piece of orange batik
2. put on a few snippets of contrasting fabric
3. couple of thin strips of organza, fun fur yarn, and fish tail mylar
4. add a little angelina
5. place a piece of solvy on top and pin
6. stitch circles all over in a complimentary thread
7. Dissolve solvy in a tub of water, blot, and iron dry between wash cloths
8. Hand embellish with beads, and jewejry findings
9. Place face down on table and trace the cover of a small journal
10. Trim and apply tacky fabric glue to the journal, place collage on journal
11. press collage to journal and work it till it stays in place.

This was a very fun project and I'm going to take time to make more for Christmas presents.

I'm going to Duluth MN tomorrow (90 mls), and will be going to the Michaels store. Of course there will be some Christmas shopping taking place.

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