Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beads and Critiqueing

Last night I critiqued quilts for a local quilt show in Rice Lake WI. Before I needed to be at the auditorium I stopped at one of my favorite places for beads, Bargain Bills discount store. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but I've found it to be a super place for getting many of my beading and embellishments for my quilts. Last night I felt like I had hit the lottery. I found small round mirrors in the bridal supply area, beads in styles and colors that I needed to replenish for future classes I teach this fall, and new beads that intreged me. I also found plastic bags for the artist trading cards and postcards that I've been making and exchanging. Plus, there was some yarn for layering that I had to have, and some stamps for dying and bleaching etc. There was also stencils from one of my favorite stencil companies, that can be used for bleaching, shiva, painting, etc. Like I was the mother load for me.

Today, we went ice fishing for the last time this season Chequamegon Bay in Washburn WI. There was still about 24 inches of ice, but it is turning punky fast. We took the snowmobile with us to pull the ice shack and gear. Now I'm looking forward to warm weather fishing in the boat. Sunshine on my face, and bug swatting.

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