Friday, October 7, 2011

Getting ready for Portland

Today was a day of quilting some last minute easier customer quilts with allovers so I could have some things finished for pickups after I get back from the MQX show the 16th. Gotta keep the work flow flowing, and prevent the work list from getting out of hand.
Next I'll be packing my bags with kits, sewing machine, supplies, and all my layered art quilts. I really enjoy being able to touch each of the art quilts as I pack them. It always bring back the joy I felt as I was making them. Of course I need to pack my clothes too. I remember not so long ago almost forgetting to pack my personal bag for a retreat. I did have my priorities straight though. All my sewing projects, machine, and supplies were packed and in the truck, when I realized something was missing. Have you ever done that?
I might get to post again before I leave. If not, try to have a great sewing time without me.

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