Thursday, November 17, 2011

Filling Class Proposals for 2012

This evening was filled with submitting teaching proposals for the 2012 quilt shows. I did have time to organize kits for the class I'm teaching in Duluth this Saturday, work a little on a customers sampler quilt, make dinner, and bake a pumpkin pie. There is a warm piece of pie upstairs calling me right now.

I had a light bulb moment earlier while looking at an orphan block that has been hanging from my design board for months and months. It's a paper pieced mariner's compass block made with hand dyed fabric in browns and warm yellows. It's stumped me for months as to how to use it. While making the kits for the class I envisioned the block with fall colored silk leaves swirling around on it. I think it needs to be layered and quilted to death. It could be awesome I think.

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