Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I love a bit of Salmon

Today was a lovely day to stay inside while the 4 inches of snow outside melted. Yes, it is April 30th and we had more snow. I know it is a tired subject, but I really have to say...enough already.

I finished organizing for the class I'm teaching this weekend in  Elkhorn, WI at The Quilting Connection. Saturday is a Lecture and Demo for the Great Lakes Professional Quilting Machine Association Guild and Sunday is a hands on fiber art class. 

As a professional procrastinator I felt it wouldn't be a great idea to wait until the last minute to pack. So as a totally wonderful side effect of doing things on time, I was able to quilt on another sample. The batik I chose for this was a bit ugly and I think it came out of some stores sale bin. Sometimes the things that you may feel are going to be unsuccessful will smack you around a bit reminding you not to over guess your art. Salmon was successful. I brought in soft subtle colors to compliment the contrast in the flowers and leaves.

Tonight will be a time to finish the binding and admire a new favorite. Tomorrow, I'm breaking out some of my rust dyed fabric and some distressed odd colored silk leaves to quilt up a more organic looking runner.

I feel refreshed.

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