Monday, August 11, 2014

I Made Some Pretties at the Art Crawl

For the Art Crawl this past weekend I worked on 5 pre-layered fiber art pieces. The Crawl was very enjoyable being able to share a taste of what I do as a quilt artist. Viewers were able to see my traditional work and art side by side.

Some of the pieces that were quilted are going to be finished in these pretty resin frames and on hardboard canvases that I will paint and stencil. I'm always looking for fresh ways to present my fiber art. There still needs to be a little beading and maybe a little hand stitching with pearl cottons.

Overall, I am pleased with my days of play, and I hope I was able to spark a little light bulb moment for some of the quilters that came to visit me.


  1. I LOVE these!! You always inspire me to do more and work farther outside my comfort zone. <3 you!!

  2. Thank you both, Sonya and Gari.