Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What do I do when most of the day is shot?

I purchased a $9.88 sleepwear cardigan from Walmart this afternoon after taking my mother to her appointments. My idea was to do a discharge treatment along the bottom. I gathered the bottom of the cardigan with needle and thread and stitched it to a plastic hanger. It was then hung over a wash tub of water and anti-chlor. See photo at the end of this post for the product I used, also purchased from Walmart.

I then put my dripless bleach in a squirt bottle and dripped it in a controlled manner over the water bath. When the discharge was to the color that I liked, I dumped it into the water bath to rinse out and neutralized the bleach.
 Here is is before drying. When dry it will look just as beautiful. I saw this bleach discharge method years back on quilted garment at the quilt show in Paducah. It was like flames along the bottom. Loved it so much.
 I also decided to do some snow dye batches since the snow is starting to melt outside and a friend gave me her left over rit dye concentrates. I beefed up the rit drizzle by adding an addition powder Procion dye. I should be able to finish them up tomorrow.
 The bleach I used for the discharge.

Rit and Procion.

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