Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little Time on My Hands

I had a little extra time on my hands yesterday in the afternoon. My morning was filled with giving tips, tricks, and some longarm lessons to a friend. With that little bit of extra time, I decided to work on a macro leaf project. I pressed a brown piece of hand Cherrywood dyed fabric and some fancy poly/nylon fabrics. After chalking a spine on my fabric, I trimmed some of the poly/nylons into thin strips and placed them on the marked areas. I layered some of the dress fancies, stitching as I went with the longarm. After I felt there was enough surface fabric, I switched threads to a warm orange and pebbled parts of the brown. I switched thread out again to a darker brown for areas to mctavish.

After trimming, I pulled out some fabric paints to paint the pebbles to get a fall leaf effect. As you can see, I'm midway on this project. I plan to hand paint all of the pebbles and then add surface embellishments using a piece of faux ivory, copper colored beads of varied sizes, and then a few fall colored crystals.

To finish the edge, I will probably turn the outer edge under for a blind hem.

My intent is to mount this on a painted canvas.

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