Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pipers First Quilt to go to a Quilt Show

Miss Pipers quilt "Piper's First Panto" is going to the Machine Quilters Expo in Springfield. This is going to be her first quilt to travel to a show. Today is also her first day back to school, 3rd grade, after summer vacation. The MQX show is a great show to see quilting friends, take classes at, enjoy the beautiful quilts, and experience a lovely city.

Piper is rather pumped over the idea of sending the quilt, but for her world, she's more excited about gifting it to her friend. Sending it is vague but the gifting is real for her. She is 8 and most of her day revolves around what she can do that is fun.

This is a good experience for her and a motivator for me to keep her on a project when she is visiting me. I try to be a good grandmother.


  1. Good grandma', yes indeed you are! Great job, and she can be very proud of her quilt (and you proud of her!!)

  2. Enjoy seeing this post. I'm impressed with Piper's work and that she's giving it away. Sometimes your first quilt is hard to give away. Yes you are a great grandma!