Friday, May 28, 2010

Obsessed with Thread

I bet I'm not the only quilter out there that is obsessed with thread almost as much as with fabric. Currently I'm in love with Superior So-Fine for longarm quilting, domestic quilting, regular piecing, paper piecing, and top stitching. WOW! I should have said I love it for everything. In the photo, I've machine quilted on my longarm Gammill little quilt sandwiches that I then trimmed out with a rotary and butted the clean edges together. I then top stitched with So-Fine in a smocking stitch, going back over the stitches 8 times. So-fine is a low profile thread that covers fine but doesn't cause a bumpy buildup of thread.

This little quilt was made with my fiber layering technique that I teach at guilds and shows. This little gem recently was awarded a Teachers Ribbon from Cathy Franks at the Machine Quilters Expo iin Rhode Island this year. It was a huge honor to get a ribbon from Cathy Franks, who's quilting I greatly admire.

What a lovely assortment of yummy colors I have. Last year I won 1st place at the Home Machine Quilters Show in Utah. I won a gift certificate for $500 my choice of threads at Superior Threads. What a dream! I've been using So-Fine for years on my show quilts.

Now go figure....there is a new thread out there I will have to try that many of the longarmers are raving about. "Glide" thread by Fil-Tec.

Like I said at the beginning...Obsession.

After my first post I added a comment responding to a friend, Lee Spanner. I feel I should share my answer:

Lee, that is probably the best expanation I've read yet. It's all in the perception of the viewer. Does a painting take any longer or any more skill that creating an art quilt? No. Both take skill, time, resources, patience, etc. When a quilter can sell an art quilt for $40,000+ dollars, I call that mighty fine art.

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  1. I went to quilt market last week to help out a shop owner. It was fun, but when I saw the superior table set up, it was like I was in heaven. I bought a bunch of thread and can't wait to try them out. Thread is the longarmer's paint, of course we are obsessed with it!