Friday, May 20, 2011

"There's no place like home" Dorothy

I am back from our trip to the MQS show in Kansas and we had an great time. One of the things that I did was to take a tour bus to Lincoln Nebraska to the International Quilt Museum. It was a horribly hot day with the thermometer going from 98 to 102 degrees but a wonderful bus trip with new quilty friends.

We saw so many fabulous pieces for the corded white work from France. The work is so intricate, and work intensive. There was also an exhibit

from the Nebraska Quilt Project documenting their states quilts which was also made into a book which is currently available.

The sampler quilt picture is of a patriotic quilt that was in the conservation room where they are documented and hanging sleeves are attached if needed. There was also a Mennonite quilt and an art quilt by Katie Massopaust that were being documented.

The climate controlled quilt storage room was amazing, and capable of holding 8,000 quilts and currently had 4,000 in the permanent collections.

The White Work exhibit is a traveling exhibit that will only be there for a few more days. I highly recommend visiting the museum for any quilt lover. It is a beautiful building, the exhibits are always changing, and it really is in the heart of the midwest.

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