Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's a Good Day to Dye

It's another nice day here in Hayward, WI so I felt it would be a great day to mix up a little dye and to make two pieces of mono print cloth. I need the mono print for a painted postcard exchange I need to get out in the next couple of days.
The dye buckets contain Easter egg tablets from 4 little kits that make about 2 cups of intense dye. I picked them up after Easter when everything in the local wally mart was discounted. I think I paid about 25 cents for each kit. When I'm finished when these I will wash them in synthrapol and heat set them by ironing. The colors should stay intense.

The mono printing was done on safety glass with ink fabric dyes meant for stamping. When these are dry I will rinse, heat set and wash them also in synthrapol.
I hope you get to do something fun on this lovely day.

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