Monday, January 19, 2015

Personal time as a Quilter and other Glib Things

What does a quilter do with personal time this winter? She tries to get some of her own personal ufo's finished. Takes a couple of days ice fishing with her man, which leads to awesome fresh fish for dinner, and a happy man. She reorganizes her work space. I don't need an excuse for that, I just needed time. I'm super happy with the changes I made. It allowed me to bring a couple of my antique favorite things downstairs.
This is a White treadle that Mike and I bought in Texas at our first auction way back in the early 80's.

This secretary was traded from a local quilter who I'm still waiting for a quilt top to quilt for her for the trade. 

These are my Martha Stewart cube shelves that I decided to stack to take up less space. Heavy magazines and books on the bottom, and lighter art supplies on the top. 

So now that my space is fresh, and I'm feeling artistically inspired, I'm on to as much creative things as I can pack into a month. Then back to the steady pace of customer quilts. 

I love my career. 

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