Monday, January 26, 2015

The Last Row

Today I start the last row for this quilt. This is a hint of the direction I'm going for the "ground". As I started my day doing my usual morning things such as dishes, laundry, beds, and general straightening up, I find that I have a wicked sinus headache and neck ache. I have about 16 inches to quilt today for the last row which really will take all day til dinner time. Before I finished last night, I created the last of the layering and planned to add a sprinkle of silk flowers along the bottom edge. My goal for this piece is for a floral whimsy. I've tried to come up with a name for this piece and it hadn't appeared until just now when I typed "Floral Whimsy". I've thought about it for days. Isn't that weird? I came close to asking for your opinion on a name.

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