Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Black and White Challenge

Today is the unveiling of my Black and White challenge for the Art Beat Gallery. This is made using a white whole cloth quilted sandwich that I made in the past for a fabric painting class I taught a couple of friends. I quilted a medley of designs that I thought would paint nicely for them. I had 8 little sandwiches left over at the end of the class and they've been floating around my studio in a box in a cupboard. It was waiting for the right moment to be used. Zentangle has been a growing trend and that is what I focused on for this. I colored and drew in the quilted motifs using a Identi Pen in black that has a brush end and a fine tip end on the same pen.

After filling in the designs and letting it cure over night, I stitched the edge with a tight zig zag using a thin cord inside the stitching to give it a finished raised edge. I went over it 4 times and touched up any stray threads with a black magic marker.

After painting the canvas I glued the little quilt onto the canvas using Loctite GO2 Glue. It's currently my favorite for attaching fabric to canvases.

Place the canvas upside down and put some heavy books on it to let it dry flat.

I used a stencil and black paint for the lettering, and added a couple of black crystals.

Lastly will be attaching a hanger and sealing up the back with brown paper tomorrow.

Of course....then I will sign it.

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  1. Can hardly wait to see it in person! My black & white challenge is totally out of my wheelhouse.....hope it's half as nice as yours is.