Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quilts finished for the Shows

Started this post about half an hour ago and had to come back to finish it. I have a fairly new laptop that I sort of know how to use. I drug my thumb over the mouse and suddenly my screen went sideways. Ever try to read a screen sideways, yup, the mouse is also hard to use. Now, I know how to fix that fubar.

Back to my topic. I finally finished my 2 current show quilts, and I entered them in the Road 2 California show for this January. Cross all your fingers and toes for me. Now I need to decide what other shows I would like to enter them in. I like certain shows, and really dislike some that are not very fulfilling.

I've had a very busy last 3 weeks, and that is why I've played posting hooky. I moved my son, daughter in law and grand daughter to Portage Wi and returned for another visit, visited my daughter and her family in Milton twice, fished in the Musky Tournament, and finished some customer work. Last night I was up until 2 am finishing one for a customer in Duluth. I spent some time at my son's trailer home and finally got it sold on Tuesday. I still have a mess to clean up in my flower gardens and carrots to pick. It's crazy how fast summer went this year.

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  1. I'm betting that you'll have some sort of normalcy to your routine and calendar now! Yay! And don't forget, if you don't take time to do your own creative things you won't enjoy quilting for others at all!