Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Slab o Border

I've been working on the quilting of a challenging quilt the past 2 days. A friend, Linda Thielfoldt, said she calls quilts like the one I was working on "slab o border" quilts.

Here's my story. I got a call from a lady that was at the local quilt shop and she said she had a quilt that she made just like the one that the shop owner had made, but she made it to fit her queen bed. The worker at the shop said, "Norma quilted the store sample". This is why I was blessed with this "gem".
When she got to my house, she insisted I quilt it just like the one I did at the shop, but she showed me the border, and my thoughts were OMG! But, I did'nt show that reaction, I sucked it in fast. She liked my idea for feathering in the outer border to fill the space. I told her I wasn't remembering the quilt I was told I quilted for the shop. Monday I went to the shop to check out said quilt. It was someone elses quilting, and not of a style that I quilt. It had panto motifs that I did not own. I had to take a clear garbage bag and a sharpie to copy the motif, just to get the quilt done. The real challenge was the outer border. I decided to use Linda Thielfoldt's wavy marking ruler for 2 matching spines that I marked with school house cheap chalk. GREAT MARKING TOOL! I then quilted freehand feathers for the inner spine and used the outer spine for a parameter for bars leading to the outer edge. It was a whopping 20 inches of mega border to fill and try to make it look good.

It was a success, and I highly recommend this technique for such a situation.

I used the Ultimate Spine-Vine Tool Large.

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End of story is, the customer will be picking up her quilt in the afternoon tomorrow and I'm confident she'll really like it.


  1. I also need to say that Linda's tools were made by Quilter's Rule

  2. If she doesn't like it she has to turn in her Quilter Card... it's lovely. Those huge borders are always so... exciting :)