Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking pictures and finishing UFO's

Last weekend I visited my daughter and her family southern WI and we went to a pumpkin and berry farm. My grandson Gage was not so happy with the posing he did with the pumpkin. But, he is a badger fan.

Today I finished a blue log cabin that had become a UFO and I used the last 4 blocks that were left over for a baby log cabin. I love to use up the fabric stash and this helped for using up those blues I'm never very happy with.

The other thing I worked on today was photographing the last of my art quilts and bed quilts that need to be listed in my shop at etsy.

As a quilter and artist, I find it a real challenge to sell my things. Not only is there a separation issue, but there is the challenge to get people to notice and want to buy your art. I've had moderate success on etsy which is a site for selling handmade items, and I've had a little success selling to some locals in my area. The problems I think that exist are the downslide in the local economy, so most of my quilting customers are from out of my area or state. It doesn't seem to make a difference that I've been fortunate to be published in some magazines for winning at shows, published in a couple of quilting books, and won ribbons at national quilt shows.

What I do is not a necessity, but a luxury, so I depend on people being able to afford this luxury of quilting and preserving their quilts. The fortunate thing for me is my quilting machine is paid for which reduces the anxiety when quilting jobs get sparse.

Of course I quilt because I love to work with fabrics, so I there for piece. I have about 30 UFO's of my own that need to be quilted, but I can't keep all of them. Then enters for a store front to sell some of my finished work.

Enough ramblings for one day. Gotta get back to work.

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  1. I hear ya Norma, you know I do! I envy that you at least get appreciation from those you quilt for (though not enough to start quilting for others myself!)

    Hopefully things will start to turn around soon! (Or maybe corporations can start paying us a gazillion dollars to do pieces for their board rooms?)