Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Non Glamorous Realities of Working from Home

Yep! This is what I look like when I work from home. I dress mostly like a slob, unless I know someone is coming over for a quilt drop off or pick up. Sweat pants and old shirt are number one for comfort, bifocals (which I hate!), cordless earphones (for listening to the tv, itunes or netflix on the computer), good lighting, my cats sleeping in their approved spots, and the dog on a blanket by the machine. My work space isn't great, but I have space. My husband Mike alluded to new studs

and sheet rock. I'll believe it when I see it. So in the meantime, I concentrate on the work. This little batik bolt of lightening quilt is one of mine. I'm almost finished and it will be one of 4 that I now need to bind. I've attached the binding with Anilee's binding tool which I really like to use. Anything to make bindings easier are good in my book. I also used The Quilted Goose vine tools for the feathers in the light areas. I allow myself to get distracted sometimes and that's okay. I do laundry while longarming, pet the dog or cats, brush them sometimes, answer emails on breaks, blog a bit, check out facebook, have a snack (which I really don't need), and answer the phone if it rings. I know I'm not always on task, but hey, I'm the boss and I can just work later.

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  1. The quilt I was working on in this post was donated to the Hayward Music Boosters 2011 fund raiser for the benefit of the Hayward music students.