Saturday, January 15, 2011

Teaching at the Machine Quilters Exposition Show this Fall

I received notice last night that I've been chosen to teach at the Machine Quilters Exposition quilt show, October in Portland Oregon this year. I'm feeling really blessed being chosen to teach at two wonderful shows this year. I'm also teaching 5 classes for the local community education program in Minong WI this winter to spring.

Today is also packing day for my trip to Road 2 California. I've made several meals for my husband and I think I've covered all the animal and plant things that had to be done before leaving.

I'm also finishing up the making of atc business cards for myself to take to CA. The atc's are made like this:
I made quilted fabric, cut the quilted sandwhich in 2x3 inch pieces, used scrapbooking decorated card stock that I cut down to 8x12 then printed my info (blog,etsy, name and addy, email ...and phone) on the lighter side, cut the card stock down to 2.5 x 3.5 (atc size), stitched the little quilts with a zig zag on outer edge, then glued the little quilts to the card stock cards. Vallaaa! Atc business cards. I needed some new cards and forgot to order some, so thought this would work better for my trip. Make myself memorable!

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