Friday, July 30, 2010

Best of intentions get pushed to the side too often at my house. This spring I intended to give Sandy a bath outside and it didn't happen until yesterday. Today, she is fluffy and prancing, which is amazing since she had to roll and scratch her shoulders in the grass right away after her last rinse, and then she basked in the sun while laying in the sand and gravel driveway. Funny girl!

The Hayward Piecemakers quilt show is done and past, and a great success. The only downfall was when I got my vest home, I noticed damage in the lining where I had safety pins holding my hanger to the vest so it wouldn't fall off. This may not seem a big deal to some, but this is a vest for national competitions that I wanted to share at the local show. It now has 4 tear holes from it being yanked during take down. It is no longer show worthy. This show has a frantic flurry for take down. So for those that are part of the local Hayward show that are reading this...I WILL NEVER SHOW ANOTHER PIECE IN THIS SHOW!

Isn't Sandy a doll?!

The last three pictures are of my newest competition quilt that I'm working on. I spent most of last night and this morning cutting felt motifs with fuzable to apply to my mariner's compass quilt top. The top is made with hand-dyed fabrics made by Joan Skalbeck from Primrose Gradations. Joan passed away last year from complications of pancreatic cancer. I still have a bunch of her coveted fabrics that I've used for my "Party" series quilts.

I'm really pleased with how this one is turning out. The royal blue felt made the top feel more balanced. Of course when I fiber layer it and embellish's a whole other story for balance.

It feels great to be back to work on this top. It has sat for a while because of the busy summer I've had with gardens, grandkids, visitors, customers etc.

Monday, I'm off to Milwaukee WI for the first Milwaukee Machine Quilters Show. I'm traveling with 2 great friends, Lee and Carol. Plus there will be fun friends from our area that are also going, and we'll have to hook up and share all the cool things we'll see and classes we take.

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