Friday, July 16, 2010

When I'm Down....My Friends Pull Me Up

One day this past week, I had a bad day. I was mad about things that were said by a few people involved with our local quilt show. In my mind and heart I've resolved the issue and will move on. But, I do want to say that when things are tough, real friends pull through to remind me who really cares about what happens in my life. Yesterday I visited one of those friends after I dropped off my grandson at the Mpls airport. Today I just got the mail and there was a great care package from another friend. And another friend emailed me this morning concerned about a posting I made about how mad and hurt I was. I want to say thank you to these friends. Thank you Stephanie Forsyth, Lee Spanner, and Amy Johansen.

Here are pictures of Dakota and Mikia, my 2 oldest grandsons. Dakota is 13 and Mikia is 9. They are brothers that have not been able to see each other because of family circumstances. They connect on Facebook and chat. One lives in FL and the other in WI. Tuesday and Wednesday was the first that they had been together for years. Pretty sad, but I'm so happy we could have them together. Both are great guys.

I haven't done much for quilting this past week, not wanting to miss any moment with the guys. Next week is our local quilt show and after that, I go to the Milwaukee Machine Quilters Show in WI.

With the wonderful care package that I recieved from my friend Lee, I think I should make an art quilt showing my release...freedom from the anger that I felt.

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  1. Just glad I could make you smile. I know we don't get to see each other near enough but, I do think about you often.

    Sorry to hear that Dakota and Mikia don't get to see each other much. It is sad when circumstances happen causing the kids to pay the price. I do hope they keep in touch and can finally be together more as they get older and become adults.

    Enjoy the grandkids and we'll see you for the show (Milwaukee that is - I won't be making it to Hayward).