Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last year my sister in law gave me a lovely potted plant that was almost finished flowering and I planted it in my front flower garden right away. This year it came up for the first time. I remember it as having been a pretty pink so imagine my surprise when it came up and popped open as an awesome butter yellow. My husband thinks they are beautiful and insisted I take pictures to make it into an art quilt. I did that with my orange tiger lilies last summer and it's hanging in our short hallway. He never said he liked it, but now I'm thinking he must if he thinks I need to make another. It is made to be a realistic representation of the picture.

Of all the art quilts and wallhangings I've made, some my husband doesn't like, or should I say, he doesn't show true enthusiasm. We have differing opinions and tastes in our art choices. Mike likes realism and exactness, I think it is the math based mind he has. I do too, but I find myself leaning towards abstract. I'm not saying I'm leaning too far over the line though. I still need order.

Some of my most successful show quilts and art quilts have leaned over the line. The base of most are traditional quilts that I then layer with "stuff", and embellished. It works for me and I feel fulfilled by them. They are not meant for bed use and aren't soft or cuddly. They prickle the senses sometimes and are textural. I think that is what intriques me. I want to feel texture, such as roughness, bumps, things that tickle my finger tips. It's almost a sensual feeling.

Okay, that may have been a bit too deep, but sharing is sharing.

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