Monday, July 19, 2010

Storm Damage in Hayward WI

We had a little storm excitement in Hayward WI last Wednesday. Here are a few pictures showing the tree damage that happened in the city and township. It was said that the straightline winds reached 95 mph during the storm. After touring around town I saw city and private crews still cleaning up after 5 days. There are hundreds of large trees that were knocked down with many close to the Namekagon river area. There were some power poles broken, damage at the electric transfer station, door and roof damage at the airport, at least one trailer had a tree land on it, all the trees are down in front of the Wesleyan church and old medical group builing, and some tree damage at the new library. There is also serious tree damage at the Hayward golf course, and up radio hill leading to the radio station which explains why that channel was knocked off the air at the time of the storm.
Of course this isn't small or dead tree damage. This was mostly healthy white pines that took the brunt of the storm. These pines generally bend with storms of this nature, so it is a real surprise that they couldn't handle the winds. It did come up extremely fast and hard.

This picture shows all of the trees gone in front of the Wesleyan church, they were large white pines. The bottom picture shows a few trees left standing on the corner of Hospital Rd. The rest were flattened as if they had been clear cut.


  1. How sad to lose all those trees. I'm so sorry Hayward got hit so hard but, glad you survived ok. We got slight wind and pouring rain here but, noting serious.

    Glad to know you're ok.

    See you next monday. Send details on how you want to meet up.

  2. The local paper that came out this week said it was a tornado and not straightline winds. There are thousands of trees lost, 3 houses lost roofs, 1 house severely damaged and a garage collapsed. A storm spotter saw the funnel cloud above the tree line heading to the hospital direction before it hit.

  3. It is always relieving to hear that no live has been lost in the storm. Storm damage restoration can be done to the houses and trees can be planted again but lost lives can not be compensated with anything.