Monday, July 5, 2010

It's hot and I'm Cleaning my Studio. Am I Nut's or What?

The end to a hot, tiring long day. I got a notion to move things in my quilt studio today. Glad Mike was around to help move the pool/cutting table. I moved, cleaned and reorganized. Looks much better and now it's time to load my queen sized batik quilt on the machine for tomorrow. Then I'm going to put a binding on my mystery quilt for our quilt show at the end of the month.
It was great to dig around in my "stuff" to be reminded of what I have and what I wanted to play and experiment on.


  1. You sound like me today. I did some studio cleaning, finished up a backing, preped a batting, and got a "new" UFO off the shelf to work on. Feel pretty good about myself tonight. Oh, and I really like your very bright log cabin.

  2. I'm attracted to bright batiks and then I hoard them letting them stagnate in the stash. I know I'm sick. So, as therapy I decided to make a bright log cabin quilt. Today I quilt it with lovely leaf green thread. I'm thinking feathering.