Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wild Threads and Other Snippets

This morning we had the Wild Threads machine quilters group meeting and WOW there was so many cool things shared at the meeting this month. This little group is one of the sanity savers that I need to go to every month or so. We have a great group of ladies that drive from far away to get their Wild Threads fix and if they are like me...too long with out the company of like minded quilters or fiber artists and Im going through serious withdrawal.
One of the wonderful new members, who obviously never and I mean never sleeps, had gobs of beautiful things to share with us. She had made thread pins, yarn scarves on her home machine, and a stunning crazy quilt that was framed. The scarves really captured our attention. She used super solvy in a single layer and layed lengths of yarn about an inch apart on the solvy and stitched with a zig zag on the yarn with her sewing machine. She then layered the yarns in the other direction and stitched again. Well, I thought....I can do that on my longarm. And I did, stitching the yarn down with a wavy stitch going back and forth on the yarns. I tried to keep it simple for the stitching and not saturate it with thread.

After stitching I soaked it in warm water dissolving the solvy and hung it on the clothesline. As you can see in the worked beautifully and has a soft drape. It took about 30 minutes to make on the longarm and about 30 minutes to dry on the line. I used about 1/2 a ball of fuzzy yarn and half a bobbin of thread.

I'm thinking that I love this method and I'll be making more for gifts.

Now if only I could make up my mind about what color to do next.

You can see why I love going to the Wild Threads group meetings. I encourage every quilter and artist to not isolate themselves and to get out and meet like minded artists. Just being able to talk about your ideas and art, helps to solidify in your mind the directions you want to explore.

Have fun and remember you are not alone.

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