Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool New Tool for Longarm Quilters

Here is a post by a friend that has developed a new tool for putting on bindings. I will be testing and critiquing it this weekend. I trust this person and highly recommend her as a designer.

Cool New Tool for Longarmers
Tools are a big part of the fiber world, be it machines, rotary cutters, or scissors. Well part of our world, is also rulers! And I have found a brand new ruler out there designed for longarm quilters, and want to share it with you!
This tool helps you put the binding on a quilt while it is on the longarm frame! I've also found it works well for stitch in the ditch, echo quilting and for quilting around applique. I got permission to post the info page here, and will provide links to the site where it is available:

AniLee's Longarmers Binding Tool
New Binding Tool For Longarm Quilters!
A new improved way of attaching binding during the longarm quilting process.
Customers will love not having to struggle to put bindings on their quilt.
Increase your profits by offering binding attachment services to your customers.
This new tool will help you attach binding to the edge of the quilt with a fast easy process.
The cost of one quilt can pay for the tool leaving nothing but future profits for you the quilter.
Here's how easy it is to use.
The 3 1/2" x 6" tool is made of clear acrylic and fits easily in the hand for guiding.
Hopping foot fits into the groove allowing you to guide the machine while keeping the edges lined up perfectly for accurate seam allowance sewing.
Notice that as you slide and sew each section, the tool holds the fabric down around all four sides keeping it nice and flat for sewing. No more ripples to work with like you get with a conventional ruler.
I tried to do some video demos on my own for you. It is very difficult trying to demo and hold the camera at the same time but, hopefully it is enough for you to see how the tool is used. I will eventually have a new video made but, in the meantime, this is what I could come up with. Hopefully you will be able to watch them. I have them linked on You Tube now so the buffer time isn't so long. You will still have to watch in three parts. After so long the camera recorder automatically shuts off for some reason.

Click for part 1

Click for part 2

Click for part 3

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