Sunday, June 20, 2010

Results of Rust Dyeing

Today I finished a couple of blouses that I rust dyed last week during a quilt guild demo. I had purchased a silk short sleeved and a rayon long sleeved blouse on a sale rack with the intension of altering them a bit.

Here is a picture of me adding a motif design using a new stencil and burnished gold Shiva stick with a stubby stencil brush.

I did not mark the edge when deciding how far apart to place the stencil and it worked out fine for placement. I rubbed the Shiva on white copy paper to transfer the color to the brush to control the amount of paint. After stenciling, I ironed the motifs with high heat and a piecce of paper towel over it to absorb any oils. It now gets to hang for a couple of days to air dry. It will then be permanent and safe to launder.

Great close up of the motif after ironed.

Here is the front of the rayon blouse.

And here is the back of the silk blouse.

The silk blouse was stenciled with dragonflies with Shiva sticks in gold, green, and metallic purple.

I love this one.

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