Monday, June 14, 2010

Working on Quilt Show Entries

Party Favors

Joan's Party Sampler

Well here I am again. After a very busy guild day with my quilt friends, it's time to get my quilt show entries organized so they can hit the mail tomorrow. Yes, I have procrastinated until the bitter end again. Pictures were finally taken, forms printed out and ready to be filled in. The show in my sights is the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show in Milwaukee WI. Deadline....tomorrow! What a surprise.

The quilt in the photo is made with my fiber layering technique, and quilted with mctavishing. It is a quilt on a quilt, with the top quilt attached with beading for stabilizing the center and hand stitching for part of the outer edge only. The top quilt being only partly stitched down the side allows the backing for the top quilt to be checked for quality in workmanship. The black back quilt is meant as a frame to lighten up and highlight the top quilt. The name of the quilt is "Joan's Party Sampler", which is to honor a great friend that passed away last year from complications with Pancreatic Cancer. The green fabrics in the top quilt are hand dyes she made with her business Primrose Gradations.

I've been coveting the large bag of hand dyed fabrics that I bought from her and have been rationing them for important pieces that I make for my show quilts. This one is the second in a series of my "Party" quilts. The first quilt was "Party Favors" which has done very well in it's quilt show life the past 3 years. The next quilt in the Party series in waiting for it's time to be quilted, patiently on it's hanger. I've talked with other friends of Joan's about making things with her fabrics and I've gotten the same response from them about rationing her fabrics. Joan's fabrics were dyed with her own formula's and when the fabric is's gone.
Well, wish me luck....cause that is what quilt show entering is all about....lot's of luck.

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