Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today I donated 2 of my little art quilts "Spring" and "May Day" to the Art for Animals Auction sponsored by the Hayward chapter of the Humane Society. These 2 lovely wallhangings will be auction on July 16th 2010.

This picture shows my method of layering on my longarm machine. I layer a backing, flat batting, batik strips, silk flowers and leaves, fun fur yarns, angelina, and black netting to hold it all down. I then stitch around the flowers and leaves and McTavish the background.

It's a very fun process with great results. This is one of the layering methods I teach groups.

As you can see the finished art quilt can vary greatly depending on your placement of the collage.

One thing that I added for an embellish-ment was a batik fabric covered button for the center of the blackeyed susans. Usually I hand bead the centers and was pressed for time. I like the buttons alot.

So now I hope for the little quilts to go for huge sums raising big money for the local animal shelter.

Now I need to focus on some quilt entries for the Milwaukee Machine Quilters Show. Deadline for entries is the 15th, and the deadline for the AQS Des Moines show is the 7th.

Why does this always sneak up on me?
Does anyone else out there have this issue?

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