Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Binding Tool

I finished quilting 3 charity quilts today for the local Salvation ArmyElizabeth House. On the last one, I had binding....Yay! I was finally able to test out the Binding Tool designed by Lee Spanner and made by Quilters Rule. I love it. It went on beautifully and I know that I will use it in the future for attaching the bindings while on my longarm. I highly recommend the tool. It's also very sturdy on the solid side of the ruler and I used it as a straight edge for stitch in the ditch. Worked great too. Here is the link for the tool designed by Lee. http://www.anilee.net/latool.html
Here is the link for Quilter's Rule that made the tool for Lee after she designed it. http://www.quiltersrule.com/index.html

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