Friday, August 20, 2010

Inktense with a Trapunto Quilt

After a long day of painting a guest bedroom at my home, I went for a stress reliever. I pulled out my inktense colored pencils and colored an old teaching sample from a trapunto class I taught about 4 years ago.

After lightly coloring the quilted piece, I sprayed the entire piece with water.

I like how the ink migrated into the other colored areas, flaring out and mingling with the other colors.
When it is dry I will heat set it and consider mounting it on a canvas. It would be a great piece to embellish before mounting.
Has anyone out there in blog land
worked with inktense on their quilted pieces? I have a friend, Stephanie Forsyth, that told me about them. She has had good success using them.


  1. I've used Inktense pencils on fabric -- I usually use them before quilting. I love their intense color. You've given me some new ideas here.

  2. I'm really happy with the color intensity too. I pulled out floss, beads, and I am thinking about a stencil.

  3. I really like this Norma. As you know, I've used the Inktense pencils..but I have never just sprayed it and giving the ink "freewill", needless to day, I will now! :) I might actually used that on some scarves I have in the planning stage currently!

    Thanks for sharing this - it's beautiful!