Monday, August 30, 2010

Party to the Stars

I've been working on the binding and beading for "Party to the Stars". It's hard to find the time to do such tiny stitches for this type of binding. It needs to be stitched down with hidden stitches, matching thread, and less than 1/16 of a inch apart. I managed to finish it while watching the morning and evening news over the past week. Now on to the edge beading which is sewn on with double thread and each bead gone through twice so there is a total of 8 thread strands through each bead. Whew! So close to being finished.

I'm really liking the colors in this one and all of the dimensional layers.

Today I'm trying to quilt up some small quilts that I used Shiva sticks on last fall with my friend Stephanie Forsyth. I need some hand work when we go on our fishing vacation this week. The friends that we are going with are nice, but I need some creative stimulation even while on vacation.

One piece is quilted with mctavishing for most it. I'm thinking I should do some bobbin play on it also. The top needs some glitz and more interest. Just beads will not be the answer.

In the mail today, I was really flattered to get an invitation to participate in a winter quilt show of some of my art

quilts at the local art gallery, Art Beat. I've thought about it in the past and never followed up on it. Now to have the gallery owner to write me saying she would like to have the showing is

It is harder for a fiber artist to be accepted in the art community than a traditional artist.

Many look at what we do and feel it is a craft, hobby, or doesn't take a lot of skill or time. Let me say, BULL. I spend many hours on my pieces from the first concept to the final embellishment I add by hand. I put a big part of myself in every piece, and the best feeling is when I hear someone say they like what I've done at a show while I'm eavesdropping.

So the next time you see one of my quilts at a quilt show, I may be lurking around the corner of the drape.


  1. I love the colors in the last two pictures and your quilting if beautiful. I am not an artist so I am in awe of the work you do. And beading is beyond me. ;-)

  2. Thanks Gari. I'm going to be working on the 2 small quilts while on a fishing vacation this next week. I'll be sure to post pictures after they are finished. They are both quilted now and the binding is on to be hand sewn down. Beads are going in a bag. Can't wait to dig in.

  3. Wonderful work! I agree, the general audience out there still needs to be educated that quilting is an art. Step by step things will change.