Monday, August 23, 2010

Writing with Shiva Sticks

After a long day of painting the guest bedroom, I am finally finished with it. Now the carpet is drying after a good cleaning with the carpet cleaner.
I'm teaching a class on Wednesday that is about how to use Shiva Sticks. We will be stenciling, rubbing, writing, and coloring. The picture is shiva writing on batiks that are ironed to freezer paper for stability. The writings will be cut up and used for future projects. When you try this keep in mind you will not be able to write small. Most of my lettering is about 2 inches tall, and my sticks were a bit tacky or gummy because of the humidity. It was about 85 today and I do not have air conditioning. I think on a cooler day or more towards the winter months, my sticks would be more solid and easier to use for writing.

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