Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Tidbits from the Milwaukee Quilt Show

I did not do any interviews beyond writing down tidbits for some of the teachers I talked to or listened to at the show. Here is what I have.

Quilt book author of the "Thirty Something" series, Gayle Bong has a new book coming out the fall of 2010. Gayle has written many popular quilt books and patterns. Her website is .

These little snippets are from Dustin Farrell during his blacklight quilting show.

When he travels around demoing for Nolting, he doodles and comes up with his new freehand designs.
Dustin quilts with one hand, with the music very loud and fast paced.
He rarely uses the stitch regulator. This is because he uses the machine fast and the regulator can't keep up to him. He had the motor switched out to a faster one, but still prefers just speed.
He finds YLI Brights work best at higher speeds and shows the best for blacklights.
When he isn't quilting, he's hunting.

The website for Dusty and Stephanies quilt shop is

That is all I've got for you. The teachers were a bit tight and didn't mingle a bunch. Mindy Wylie Casperson, and Linda Theilfoldt were awesome and super friendly.

I think Dustin Farrell is the new Jamie Whallen at the moment. He and his wife are about their mid 30's and he was like the rock star of the show. The ladies were gushing all around him. He works a lot putting in very long hours and has a great work ethic.

OMHO and I'm stickin to it.

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